A Deep Connection to Greenbrier Academy for Girls

For new students entering Greenbrier Academy, the transition from the familiar to the new can often be filled with a kaleidoscope of emotion: excitement, anticipation, confusion, sadness or just a feeling of uncertainty. However, upon their sometimes tearful departure from Greenbrier, the deep, lasting connection that has been made is all too clear.

A most recent example is illustrated in Greenbrier’s June 2012 graduation. It was a beautiful and powerful ceremony celebrating the hard work, growth and perseverance of our graduates. During a musical number, a student was performing a vocal solo. As the melodic, expressive music played on, she was overcome with emotion. Her voice began to break as she sang, leading to the inevitable flowing of tears. Several of her fellow students approached her on the stage to embrace her and help carry her through the rest of the performance; separate voices coming together as one to finish the song.

This moment was a true testament to the Greenbrier definition of family and growth. We come here as separate beings with barriers; but we leave here as a unit of individuals united by our love, compassion and respect for one another. The community here thrives from the girls supporting one another with their strengths and in their weaknesses, blending together harmoniously as a community.

Our philosophy at Greenbrier Academy underscores the importance of the relationship in our lives; be it between others, the community or our relationship with ourselves. While your dreams and aspirations as an individual are indeed important, it’s the relationships you encounter and pursue in a positive way that will ultimately guide you to fulfillment and meaning.