Boarding School for Girls Admission Criteria

The Greenbrier Academy for Girls is dedicated to providing an engaging educational experience to young women that helps them achieve both academic and therapeutic success. Our curriculum here is specifically designed to create caring and socially conscious individuals who can succeed in today’s world.

Our admissions criteria can give anyone interested in learning more about Greenbrier Academy the chance to read about our educational objectives. Although our applicants may come from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds, they possess and display the ability to achieve success in one or many fields.

We’re much more interested in the intelligence of a young woman and will work with those who can show improvements in academic performance. We admit girls who possess an above-average IQ, even if they may be behind in completing the academic requirements for their grade levels. We’re always encouraged to find those girls who may be interested in developing their learning style for post-secondary education at the collegiate and university level.

Some of our applicants come from places where they may have developed problems with drug abuse. We are committed to providing a drug-free educational environment and we provide a substance abuse resistance component as part of our educational mission.

Personal emotional and social development is another core component of our educational vision. Many of those attending Greenbrier Academy have had major conflicts with family members or peers in their past, and we work with those girls to develop the conscience and social awareness of those students.

Some situations will prevent us from being able to admit and work with a student. Interested applicants should click on the above link to learn about all of our criteria for admission.

Young girls seeking a brighter future may find their home here at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. Make sure to check out the various sections of our official website to learn more about our mission and the academic opportunities available here.