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5 Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

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While a traditional boarding school is often an ideal solution for students who need to be challenged academically or need structure to keep them on track, Greenbrier Academy’s therapeutic boarding school provides additional benefits. Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a residential facility created to provide help for troubled teens. Like traditional boarding schools, we provide housing and academics,… Read more »

Playing a Positive, Active Role in Your Teen’s Life

As tweens begin their teenage years and grow up to become young adults, it’s important that parents play an active role in their lives. As a parent, you’re probably thinking your teenager wants absolutely nothing to do with you and your spouse, but whether that’s apparent or not, research shows that it’s important to stay… Read more »

What Students Can Gain from Real World Learning

Understandably, academic curriculum has changed throughout the years. Classrooms are still used as primary learning environments, but the real world is following closely in its tracks. Using the world around us to teach our students allows them to be immersed in the lessons being taught, with hands-on experiences and tangible items they can actually reach… Read more »

Why It’s So Important for Teens to Get Involved in Sports

  While the fun of winning is definitely an added bonus, we here at Greenbrier Academy for Girls believe that, for those in their teenage years particularly, getting involved in an athletic extracurricular activity can have a myriad of benefits, both physically and mentally. Simply put, sports keep players on their toes. They keep them… Read more »

Why Teens Should Get Involved in Sports

The famous basketball coach John Wooden said, “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” Soccer superstar Mia Hamm said, “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” Often-maligned former President Richard… Read more »

Teens, Social Media, and Anxiety

These days, it’s tough being a young person. There is so much pressure coming from all different angles, outlying influences that are determined to shape personalities and distort feelings. The almost Orwellian power of Facebook and other forms of social media is everywhere and young people are hardly ever out of its roving eye. Because… Read more »

The Power of Art Therapy for the Teenage Girl

Have you ever heard of a place called The Barnes Foundation? It is one of the premier educational art and horticultural institutions in the entire country. Located in a suburb of Philadelphia, The Barnes Foundation has laid the groundwork for other horticultural and educational art institutes to follow in all parts of the country. Featuring… Read more »

Locating the Heart of the Contemporary Teenage Girl

To really understand teenage girls, you have to talk with them, crack open their brains a little bit and see what makes them tick, what their dreams are, what their hopes for the future are. That is an important part in rehabilitating anyone; in other words, it’s crucial to see the world through THEIR eyes…. Read more »

Memorial Day Drumming and the Importance of Clubs

When thinking of Memorial Day, what typically comes to mind is backyard barbeques and fireworks celebrations. The arts are not usually associated with the festive weekend. However, for Princeton, West Virginia, this is not the case. A weeklong celebration of visual arts, pottery, poetry, music, community circles, dance and more has swept the town and… Read more »