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How Does Art Promote Mental Health?

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Among the many activities on our boarding school campus, the arts are perhaps the favorites of our students. We offer several different types of classes, including drawing, painting, digital arts and ceramics. These courses, while enjoyable, are more than just fun. In fact, they can be extremely therapeutic for your daughter.

Are Your Daughter’s Grades Slipping? How to Encourage Her Education

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Your daughter’s education is a vital first step toward her success in life. Academic health helps with self esteem and also shows dedication, commitment and the ability to follow through. A big part of high school life is learning to balance studies with extracurricular activities, interests and a social life. But what if your daughter’s… Read more »

Three Incredible Benefits of a Small Class Size

At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, a positive and supportive learning environment is an important piece of our premier program. And one of the best ways to ensure that your daughter is receiving the best possible education is by offering her individual attention in the classroom. Small class sizes allow for a more personalized learning experience,… Read more »

What Students Can Gain from Real World Learning

Understandably, academic curriculum has changed throughout the years. Classrooms are still used as primary learning environments, but the real world is following closely in its tracks. Using the world around us to teach our students allows them to be immersed in the lessons being taught, with hands-on experiences and tangible items they can actually reach… Read more »

Five Benefits of Real World Learning

As a technique often employed at Greenbrier Academy for Girls, real world learning encourages students to get involved and excited about learning through hands-on experiences. Real-world learning is a way to get our girls interested in the classes they take and there are some incredible benefits to this teaching method. Cooperation Instead of having students… Read more »

The Five Aspirational Modules of Our New Curriculum

This week was an exciting week at Greenbrier Academy. As we are moving forward with our new curriculum, we’ve initiated a new process and ceremony to add to the sacredness of our aspirational work. Several of our girls have completed their first 10 weeks on our new aspirational system and have either successfully completed their… Read more »

Thoughts from Miss Starr’s Creative Writing Class

Humanitarian Month of February Our class had an in-depth discussion about how our current American society and new generations are becoming less focused on acts of service. For centuries humans have found ways of connecting with strangers and lending a helping had. Now recently people are less concerned with other people’s common welfare unless it… Read more »

A Message From Greenbrier’s Trip to Nicaragua

Earlier this month a group of Greenbrier girls and staff members took a trip to Nicaragua. Here is a message from Greenbrier therapist Shellie Beeker on their service experience: “These people have to walk 11 miles to get food and we complain about what we are getting for snack after we’ve already had three meals.”… Read more »

Drumming with Children in Nicaragua

Last week a group of nine Greenbrier girls, two therapists and one teacher headed off on a week-long trip to Nicaragua, where they have been performing community service, including painting a local church, and enjoying their free time with Nicaraguan children who are out of school for the summer. During their trip, the girls have… Read more »

Serving Others Can Help Us to Heal

Here at Greenbrier Academy we firmly believe that volunteering and serving others is a positive experience that can help us to heal and become happier, more fulfilled individuals. Throughout the holiday season our girls tried their hand at volunteer work, purchasing and bagging food for local families in need. With the help of staff members… Read more »