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Equine Therapy and Mental Health

therapeautic boarding school

When you’re searching for the best therapeutic boarding school for your daughter, there are important questions to consider: What is the credibility and success rate of the program? How caring and equipped is the staff? Have I heard any of the testimonies of alumni? Is the location and atmosphere conducive to recovery? What about the curriculum? These… Read more »

Keys to Greenbrier’s Academic Success

Amazing things are happening at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. While the school has maintained a reputation for exceptional therapeutics, the Academic Department has been collecting accolades as well. Greenbrier Accreditation by North Central Association of Schools and Colleges With the recent accreditation by the prestigious North Central Association of Schools and Colleges and a reputation for matriculating… Read more »

Boarding School for Girls Admission Criteria

The Greenbrier Academy for Girls is dedicated to providing an engaging educational experience to young women that helps them achieve both academic and therapeutic success. Our curriculum here is specifically designed to create caring and socially conscious individuals who can succeed in today’s world. Our admissions criteria can give anyone interested in learning more about… Read more »

What’s Going on with American Education?

The way American History has been taught in schools has changed considerably over time, and now is new battle is unfolding. Recently, a group of lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma disagreed with the Advanced Placement U.S. history guidelines that were revised by the College Board. This is the organization that oversees the entire AP… Read more »

Single-Sex Education: The Pros and Cons

There is a lot of controversy surrounding single-sex education. However, the benefits of receiving an education amongst peers of your own gender are well documented. Leonard Sax, a leader in the promotion of single-sex education, has consistently enforced the idea that teachers can be more effective when working with a single gender as there are… Read more »