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What if Your Daughter is the Bully?

  It typically begins with a phone call from either another parent or your daughter’s school. The accusation of bullying hits you like a rock. You can’t believe it. Your daughter was raised to be better than this. You’ve seen her helping others and being kind. Unfortunately, these attributes don’t keep her from engaging in bullying… Read more »

What Is Mental Illness Awareness Week?

In this blog, especially of late, we have talked about depression and the other mental illness struggles that many young women have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s important for us to get inside the heads of the teenagers in our lives (and really, mental illness isn’t simply relegated to just teenagers; they… Read more »

The Importance of Physical Fitness as a Teenager

In our last post, we discussed the problem of depression in teenagers, especially teenage girls. This is an epidemic that might be getting out of control, but efforts are being done to curtail the rise in cases. While that is certainly hopeful and a step in the right direction, we can’t ignore the statistics: “In… Read more »

Depression in Teens

We can go back and forth about the things that are wrong with America. There might not be enough time in the day to get through our list of grievances; there would be too many agreements and disagreements. However, we are confident that there is one thing wrong with America that we can all agree… Read more »

Greenbrier Academy Puts on a Drumming Delight

On Sunday, February 11th, fifteen young women from Greenbrier Academy for Girls put on an awe-inspiring drumming show set before a packed house at the Hulett C. Smith Theater in Tamarack. The show featured traditional African drumming, led by drumming coordinator Laura Bondurant, who told the Register-Herald that drumming has become an integral part of… Read more »

Marching to the Beat of Their Own Drum: The Therapeutic Effects of Drumming

Both art and music allow us as human beings to express ourselves in ways that spoken language cannot. Through visual and auditory stimulation and expression, we can use almost all of our senses to both express ourselves and understand others in a way that may have before seemed impossible. At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we… Read more »

The Therapeutic Beauty of the Arts

Artistic outlets provide us with ways to release inner inspiration and explore ourselves through an unspoken language of creativity. At Greenbrier Academy, we utilize all that the Arts have to offer our girls. Creating art through its various medias is a fun, recreational activity that boosts self-confidence, campus morale, enhances problem-solving skills and is truly… Read more »

Making Ground on the Road to Self-Discovery

Beyond merely seeking academic excellence, Greenbrier Academy for Girls works hard on the girls’ development as a whole. One of the components we use to accomplish this is the activities we offered to students, both on and off campus. By participating in these activities, the girls are exposed to new activities, recapturing the natural exuberance… Read more »

Therapeutic Boarding School: Is It Right For Your Family?

In recent years there has been a greater variety of therapy available to those in need, and more and more families are gratefully taking advantage of these opportunities to grow in a positive way. And not only are they taking advantage of the opportunities, they are talking to their friends and families about it. When… Read more »

A Deep Connection to Greenbrier Academy for Girls

For new students entering Greenbrier Academy, the transition from the familiar to the new can often be filled with a kaleidoscope of emotion: excitement, anticipation, confusion, sadness or just a feeling of uncertainty. However, upon their sometimes tearful departure from Greenbrier, the deep, lasting connection that has been made is all too clear. A most… Read more »