Category: Volunteering

A Message From Greenbrier’s Trip to Nicaragua

Earlier this month a group of Greenbrier girls and staff members took a trip to Nicaragua. Here is a message from Greenbrier therapist Shellie Beeker on their service experience: “These people have to walk 11 miles to get food and we complain about what we are getting for snack after we’ve already had three meals.”… Read more »

Drumming with Children in Nicaragua

Last week a group of nine Greenbrier girls, two therapists and one teacher headed off on a week-long trip to Nicaragua, where they have been performing community service, including painting a local church, and enjoying their free time with Nicaraguan children who are out of school for the summer. During their trip, the girls have… Read more »

Serving Others Can Help Us to Heal

Here at Greenbrier Academy we firmly believe that volunteering and serving others is a positive experience that can help us to heal and become happier, more fulfilled individuals. Throughout the holiday season our girls tried their hand at volunteer work, purchasing and bagging food for local families in need. With the help of staff members… Read more »

The Rewards and Benefits of Volunteerism

  A great school life involves more than just academics, as important as that is; learning social skills is also key to living a great life. Teaching children about the rewards of volunteering, doing something for someone else unselfishly, adds quality to the human beings they are and will become. By volunteering, students also learn… Read more »