Continuing Care

Graduation from Greenbrier Academy marks a huge step in a girl’s life. It signifies a commitment to a hopeful future filled with meaning, purpose and wonderful relationships. There is so much a graduate has to be proud of. It is also a time when a student will need continued support from her family at home and at Greenbrier Academy. It is often difficult to transition back to the same place where old negative patterns were formed and return to the same friends that may have played a part in creating those patterns. To help facilitate this transition and support all the hard work done by the graduate and her family, Greenbrier Academy provides services through the Continuing Care Program and the Greenbrier Academy Alumni Association.

The Continuing Care program begins well before a student graduates. While on campus she will meet with her counselor and Ron, the Continuing Care Specialist, and begin to formulate an individualized, strategic plan for successful transition. Whether the student is returning home, attending boarding school, transitioning to college or another environment, Ron, with the help of the student’s treatment team and family, will be able to create a specific plan to ensure continued growth and success.

“Working with someone who understands the unique background and life experience of a girl who has spent time in a therapeutic boarding school like Greenbrier is invaluable. After all they experience at GBA, therapy is different for these girls than it is for their peers who have not been away from home, nor in a residential therapeutic environment. It is near impossible to find a local therapist in the home community who can truly understand the challenges of transitioning home from a therapeutic boarding school. Working with Ron has been exactly what we and our daughter have needed at this challenging time. His experience working with girls in a residential environment and his knowledge of the Greenbrier therapeutic model make him uniquely qualified to support these girls in their transition from GBA to home. The flexibility of connecting with him from our home when it’s convenient also makes the logistics of fitting in therapy much easier. We would absolutely recommend working with Ron to any girl transitioning from GBA!”

Ron Schwenkler, LPC, NCC, ALPS
Clinical Director over Aftercare
ron-schwenklerWith 15 years experience working with youth and families, Ron engages others with depth. One dimension that makes Ron special to Greenbrier Academy is his programmatic experience. He has worked in a group home setting for adolescents and served as a wilderness instructor, counselor and a family program facilitator for numerous years. Ron has continued to advance in this field and has served as the Director for two prominent program phases, both in a wilderness setting and a longer-term program. Ron also co-developed and facilitated After Care programs, which supports families to leverage their success in integrating their hard-earned gains from a residential setting experience when they return home.

Ron knows youth and families. Ron also knows balance as seen in the other parts of his life. He and his wife are raising two beautiful and energy-filled boys and recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family. He has a black-belt in Kenpo, and is a 15-year veteran of the martial arts. Ron also loves to be in the wilderness. Anyone working with Ron has an experience coming to them. They can trust they will be pushed to live more authentically.

Ron continues to strive in his relational development, seeking supervision with Dr. Slife regularly to understand how relationality is applied implicitly in theories. During Ron’s academic and theoretical training he has studied Gestalt and Jungian extensively and currently is pursuing further training in Jungian Depth Psychology and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy. Ron continues to seek expertise in all neurological matters from Dr. Hipskind. Ron holds the following licenses and certificates:

  • National Certified Counselor
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (West Virginia)
  • Approved Licensed Professional Supervisor (West Virginia)
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Montana)
  • Distance Credentialed Counselor
  • Grief Recovery Specialist