Five Benefits of Real World Learning

As a technique often employed at Greenbrier Academy for Girls, real world learning encourages students to get involved and excited about learning through hands-on experiences. Real-world learning is a way to get our girls interested in the classes they take and there are some incredible benefits to this teaching method.


Instead of having students sit in their chairs quietly, the idea of real world learning inspires teachers to get their students actively involved in the learning process. Through group projects and outdoor excursions, students must work together to put the theories they are learning into practice in real-world settings that encourage team work and responsibility.

Critical Thinking

Real world learning also encourages critical thinking, requiring students to make thoughtful choices based on the information they have learned and the specific scenario placed in front of them. Reflection and purposeful decision – two major parts of the critical thinking process – are skills that can be used throughout a student’s lifetime, and the real world learning process helps to set them up for success.

Community Connections

Through volunteer work and field trips, real world learning encourages students to build community connections, learning from individuals around them and feeling a sense of positivity and purpose through the work that they are doing.

Process over Product

Unlike traditional classroom learning, which is all about getting to the right answer, real world learning puts more value on the learning process itself. The skills and knowledge you learn along the way are much more important than the final product created, as these skills can be used for years to come.

Lifelong Learning

One of the best aspects of real world learning is that the skills and abilities developed during the learning process can be applied to situations throughout an individual’s lifetime. Teaching a student how to problem solve and how to work with others is much more beneficial than teaching them formulas and equations, which is why real world learning puts a focus on the experience as a whole, instead of the answer written on a piece of paper.

Here at Greenbrier Academy, our premier program hopes to instill a desire for lifelong learning into all of our students, and real world learning is an incredible technique that helps us to do so. To learn more about the school, visit us online on contact us by phone at 877-788-8422 to speak with our staff and schedule a tour of our campus.