Greenbrier Academy Parent Offers Feedback

Parents of students at Greenbrier Academy for Girls give us valuable feedback. We want parents and others to know that we are ready to listen to suggestions and appreciate knowing what has been the most helpful for you as you have either checked out our academy or had your daughter (niece, granddaughter, etc.) attend. One of our alumni parents, Sherri, recently told us some specifics about what helped her daughter:

“At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, I believe Jenna’s individual therapeutic sessions had the most impact on Jenna. Individual therapy worked best for Jenna because consistent social skills and feeling liked by the community is a challenge for her. Ginger helped Jenna develop the strength to address areas she was not able (or ready) to before. Ginger helped Jenna develop the courage to understand herself, accept herself, and then work on herself. If one is willing to think on that, it is really HUGE, especially when we consider that Jenna did not want to live.”

What therapeutic components (i.e. individual sessions, group therapy, equine therapy, etc.) do you think are most healing?

Sherri went on to tell us about how the sessions and Parent Programs impacted her own perspective:

“As far as myself, I have changed considerably in how I work with Jenna, specifically, and with people in general. My outlook, my values, my parenting and people skills will always be a work in progress. Ginger helped with this, of course, as well as our own family and individual therapy at home. Since we began with Greenbrier Academy, our relationship has improved and will continue to do so as we are all motivated to keep the lines of communication open and work to grow together.”

We sincerely appreciate open, straightforward communication and feedback. We want to hear your thoughts! Who have you seen impacted by Greenbrier Academy and how did such change affect his or her life?