Wisdom Gathered and Developed by Mike Beswick

Interventions and relations at Greenbrier are guided by the model’s philosophy of relationality. The following concepts represent core elements of the therapeutic process.  I probably incorporate all of these statements into my conversations on at least a weekly basis.  Review these statements and see how many you in your life and with your interactions with others.

  • All interventions at Greenbrier are reflective of mission, Source, and virtue.
  • Mental health can be defined as the presence of virtue in all relationships.
  • Virtue is the answer that will empower your destiny.
  • Mission can simply be defined as taking the skills and attributes that you have been given and using them in a way that helps others.
  • Source is the greatest thing greater than self.
  • Relationality is much more than the connection between two individuals and includes:
    • Intra-personal, i.e. the relationship we have with conflicting parts of self, should I or shouldn’t I?
    • Inter-personal, which includes friends and family, but also relationships that have yet to materialize, i.e. the relationship with a child that hasn’t been born, with the man or woman that will become your husband or wife, etc.
    • Relationship with Source.
    • Relationship with nature.
    • When we have helped a student, we have encouraged them to examine change on as many relational dimensions as possible.

How has Greenbrier Academy helped you to be more aware of mission, Source, and virtue in your life?

Mike Beswick, LICSW, BCD

Greenbrier Academy Counselor