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admissions criteria

We are often asked what a typical student at Greenbrier is like.

While our students come from a variety of backgrounds, with unique academic and therapeutic goals, the following is a list that may be considered typical at our school:

She is a young woman between the ages of 13 – 18

She may have successfully graduated from an outdoor, character building, wilderness, or other residential program and is in need of continuing care and support. This is recommended but not required

She possesses an average to above-average IQ

She may currently be behind academically in secondary educational requirements


She possesses the potential to develop her conscience and social awareness

She may need a drug-free environment with a substance abuse prevention component

She may be interested in preparation for post-secondary education and needs elicitation and development of her learning style

She may have family and peer conflicts

She may feel a lack of meaning or purpose in her life


Unfortunately, Greenbrier cannot serve all needs for all families. The following is a list of criteria that would preclude admission:

She appears to be a significant danger to self, others or property

She has a psychotic disorder(s)

She has medical or health conditions that would prevent her from participating in rigorous program activities

She has health conditions that require unreasonable health care supervision by physicians or other health care professionals


She has an IQ significantly below average

She has parents/guardians with little or no commitment to our family program

She is living under guardianship of divorced parents who share joint custody of the child and who do not concur in the enrollment

She has reached the age of majority and is unwilling to enroll

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is an equal opportunity service provider and does not discriminate in the services provided to its clients.
Qualified students are admitted without regard to race, color, creed, ethnic background, native origin or any specific handicaps.