A successful therapeutic boarding school places equal emphasis on both therapy and academic education.

At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, an all-girls therapeutic boarding school, the accredited teachers also use the effective therapeutic philosophy of Applied Relationality as an instructional tool to help students learn by creating context for academic lessons. This approach not only inspires curiosity, but also encourages students to consider, rather than just digest what they are learning. Contextual learning is at the heart of today’s education reform movement with the goal to graduate critical thinkers who can conceptualize rather than just memorize information.
In recent years, 100% of our graduates have matriculated to college. Armed with these critical thinking skills, they are poised for academic success at college and for success in their post-college careers, because these same critical thinking skills are necessary in today’s highly competitive job market.
Courses at Greenbrier Academy for Girls focus on the secondary school academic subjects that are necessary to receive a high school diploma and to be prepared for college.

Taught in small classes of about ten students, each girl receives the individual attention she needs.

Math courses include algebra, geometry and pre-calculus, as well as business mathematics.

The English curriculum ranges from English 8 to English 12.

Science includes all four required secondary school sciences as well as the popular study of environmental science.

Social Studies courses include American and world history, geography and civics, and unlike many secondary programs in the United States today, Greenbrier Academy for Girls offers a full language curriculum of Spanish, French and Latin.

Students participate in a wide range of fine arts classes as well as electives.

Students can also extend the renowned equine therapy program into the classroom by studying equine history, science and dressage.

"The school is an amazing facility where all the students were respectful to the team members, teachers and other staff. Its strong drumming and volunteering programming and arts strengthen the academics. A majority of the school's graduates will attend college, a few at Ivy League Schools. This is in contrast to students having a lack of career goals prior to entering the facility. Greenbrier Academy of Girls is truly a rich, learning community."

Course Offerings


Algebra I
Algebra II
Business Mathematics

Physical Education

Physical Education

English Language Arts

English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
English Portfolio


Earth Science
Environmental Science

Social Studies

World Studies to 1900
American Studies to 1900
20th & 21st Century World Studies
21st Century Civics

World Languages

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
C.I.S. Spanish I, II
C.I.S. French I, II

Fine Arts

Community African Drumming
Performance Group African Drumming
Art I
Art II
Mixed Media


Equine History, Science & Dressage
Computer Independent Studies