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Strong relationality as previously stated, means that relationships are primary, and that loving, quality relationships lead to positive emotional health.

Quality relationships among other things assist students to interpret all relational experiences, painful or pleasant, as reenforcing positive beliefs about self and how self fits into the world.

Logotherapy developed by Dr. Victor Frankl holds that all humans primarily desire to live for meaningful purposes. “A life without meaning is a life not worth living.” Beyond even survival instincts the desire to serve and love others rules. Everyone has an inherent desire to make a positive difference in the world. When that purpose is ignored or unattended, all types of disorders result.

Because the meaning of anything comes from its relationship to something else, and logotherapy is all about life meaning, relationality and logotherapy are pragmatically compatible.

A culture built on relationality and logotherapy is not based on a self serving, self oriented focus. It is relationally focused.

In other words, the quality of relationships within the community are paramount, and an individual’s connection to others within the community is the cultural focus. That is a substantial and consequential difference from a behavioral modification culture.


Research outcome results from Emily Loader, Ph.D

``According to Youth Outcome Questionaire, 86% of students have reported improved mental wellness. For those same students, 87% of parents, and 86% of counselors have seen improvement in overall wellness.``

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