Meet Greenbrier Academy’s Residential Director

At Greenbrier Academy, we love our students until they are able to love themselves. We understand that enrolling your daughter at a therapeutic boarding school is not an easy decision. I take pride in knowing that each student at GBA will receive quality care in a warm, nurturing environment.

An involved residential department is crucial to your daughter’s emotional investment while she is away from home. My team and I strive to promote a safe, enjoyable environment for our students. Your daughter will be engaged in a range of on and off campus activities. From intellectually stimulating outings, such as trips to local museums, to high adventure activities, including skiing and white water rafting trips, our students are frequently provided with the opportunity to learn and explore with their fellow classmates.

GBA residential staff also recognizes the importance of humanitarian work. In addition to our service trips to Nicaragua, our students often participate in philanthropic activities locally. Students report that some of their most meaningful and memorable outings included time spent visiting with seniors at the nursing home or reading to children at the elementary school.
When children feel safe and cared for in their environment, they gain confidence to learn and participate more openly in their community. GBA’s residential department is committed to cultivating a supportive space for our students in which they can thrive and discover their true selves.

I so appreciate your interest in our program and would love to earn your trust while supporting your daughter at Greenbrier Academy. I look forward to working with you and your daughter and warmly welcome you to our community.

Kindest regards,
Amber Reed – Residential Director