At all levels of ability, Greenbrier Academy riders develop into competent horsewomen and well-rounded equestrians who are skilled and knowledgeable in multiple disciplines of riding.  We offer indoor and outdoor riding facilities, and a string of well-schooled horses.


GBA offers two programs within the school of horsemanship

The Horse Program

This program is an opportunity for girls that want to learn more about horses.

Girls will  feed and care for horses, as well as, learn basic safety guidelines.  They will also learn how to join up (bond) with a horse, how to properly groom a horse, and how to tack up a horse.

There is also an opportunity to take part in a teaching internship once girls are more advanced into the program.

GBA staff members bring their kids in for lessons and the girls have the opportunity to teach lessons,lead riders around,teach grooming,teach safety basics with the equine director supervising.

This program is a great way for girls to build confidence around horses before they make the commitment to join GBA’s riding program team. This is also a good opportunity for girls that do not want to ride but want to learn how to bond and take care of horses.

The Riding Program

Girls in the riding program ride twice a week and may earn extra riding opportunities by showing up well in the community and putting hard work into the horses and barn.

Girls may choose jumping, dressage, or western lessons.

GBA’s riding program is made to be flexible enough to fit each individual riders unique and personal goals.

Private lessons and trail rides can be scheduled.

Girls work towards off-campus showing opportunities. (optional)

There is a fun Halloween show where girls get to dress themselves and their horses up and compete in different classes/horseback games.

Riding girls have the opportunity to do a teaching internship as well.