Come Experience Our Unique, World-Class Village

Where Lasting Transformations Happen

“Village helped me heal and find my true purpose.”

A.L. Alumni

One week each quarter equating to four weeks during a twelve-month year each student lives in the Village.

The curriculum was developed over ten years ago by L Jay Mitchell, and over 2,000 students have enjoyed its rewards.

Quite often Greenbrier graduates choose the Village as their most impactful therapeutic experience. A Village site has been created on the 140 acre GBA campus located at the top of the mountain behind the main school facility.

It is facilitated by full time GBA employees led by Director, Paul Fowler, who has over 10 years of Village experience.

The GBA Village is a counter-cultural experience to create contrast, clarity, and healing

The Village is the primary logotherapy context at GBA. Deep level change is more easily attained in the Village than any other GBA context.

In small groups students delve into life’s deepest questions. These questions are tied into the intractable, problematic identity beliefs addressed with their therapists.

Who and what am I?

What is the value of a human being?

What is the difference between living to “feel good” or to “do good”?

Where does love come from?

Can we access love if we don’t have it?

What is right and wrong and who decides?

How do I get rid of emotional pain?

These and similar questions are experienced from different and intriguing perspectives. Archetypes are used, and contrasting cultures and philosophies are experienced. Therapeutic exercises are engaged.

Most GBA graduates attribute the Village as their most positive, impactful experience. The Village is all about meaning, relationships, and purpose. It may be their only life opportunity for deeply experiencing these life questions.