Life at Greenbrier

Your daughter will find that life at Greenbrier is busy, rewarding and engaging.

lifeatgreenbrierAside from the busy academic schedule, there are many things to do.

If your daughter is interested in animals, athletics, art, music, pottery, or just about anything she can imagine, she can find it here. And if she has a passion that isn’t represented on campus, she will find encouraging staff who will help her create and organize her own club to share that passion with others.

In fact, graduates often report that what they loved most about Greenbrier are the wonderful, sharing and empathetic sisterhoods they formed. These relationship bonds are formed by sharing experiences, adventures, laughter and supporting one another through the toughest times.

Throughout the week, students have projects to work on, schoolwork, drumming clubs, horsemanship, sports and other activities. The weekend is often a time to decompress.

“Never thought I’d say this but I already miss GBA. You all made it worthwhile.
To the newer girls, I really hope that y’all will be able to see that being there is really such a gift.”

– RS (Recent Graduate)

Often there are off campus activities to attend, such as attending a play or going to a movie, working on service projects, skiing or hiking. Students frequently offer suggestion of what would make the weekend meaningful. Student involvement encourages a good decision-making and helps develop skills that will prepare you daughter for life after Greenbrier.

Family is an integral part of Greenbrier life. As appropriate, we encourage parents to visit campus and there is usually one group of students preparing for a family program. The family relationship is often the one that has suffered the most and requires strengthening and rebuilding.

A common goal of students is to rebuild those relationships and earn trust from the ones they love.

If you would like to see a typical weekly schedule, please click here.