Making Ground on the Road to Self-Discovery

Beyond merely seeking academic excellence, Greenbrier Academy for Girls works hard on the girls’ development as a whole. One of the components we use to accomplish this is the activities we offered to students, both on and off campus. By participating in these activities, the girls are exposed to new activities, recapturing the natural exuberance and curiosity about life, and they are able to learn more about themselves and what is ultimately most important to them.

This is a tender time of self-discovery, a time when the girls are able to take a look deep within and begin paving their own successful pathway through life. These activities give the girls a meaningful sense of self, a feeling of self-worth, leadership skills and most importantly a strong understanding of what it is to be a fundamental part of their community as a whole.

Resident activities begin in the Residential Hall. The girls spend a large amount of their time here and are encouraged to bring their own sense of personal style into it. Here, girls interact with their fellow students, engaging in games, watching movies and participating in different student-run clubs that further the Greenbrier goals of personal growth.

Experiencing adventure is a key component in discovering self, instilling a thrill and passion for the life you lead. The excursions at Greenbrier are engaging and there is generally a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement anticipating them. Almost weekly, there are activities to look forward to (largely depending on the weather). Examples are white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, spelunking, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, boating, fishing and hiking.

Sports are a wonderful way for the girls to experience friendly competition, challenge their drive for success as well as strengthen the importance of teamwork to achieve these goals. This is also a great way to instill in the girls the importance of staying active and healthy. Principally depending on the girls’ interests, sports games that girls can join in on are volleyball, soccer, badminton, kickball, etc. Additionally, some student-run clubs focus directly on a specific sport such as the Cross-Country Team.

Equine Therapy
Greenbrier uses equine therapy as an integral part of what we wish to accomplish with the girls here. Equine Therapy is offered to every student and going even further we offer a riding and dressage program. The therapeutic and personal growth is enhanced by the importance of relationship and understanding between the girls and the horses. The girls will begin to see the importance of positive communication, cooperation, trust, honesty, anger management and other important life skills. Learn more on our approach to Equine Therapy by clicking here.

Servicing Others
Helping the girls to develop virtuous relationships with others and themselves is extremely important. Allowing them the opportunity to actively partake in charitable activities with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Food for Children, Bethlehem Farms, Hospitality House, and Walk for Breast Cancer helps the girls to shed a focus primarily focused on self and see themselves as a component of a larger whole – the big picture starts to come into focus.

These activities help our girls become well-rounded young women and enhance their positive outlook on life. They help develop an excitement for life that may have been lacking in less hope filled times. Incorporating these outlets and integrating them into our objectives within our therapies and academics creates a sound approach to healing and growth.

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is proud to be a respected therapeutic boarding school for girls and would love to provide these opportunities to your daughter, as well. Call us to learn more.