Serving Others Can Help Us to Heal

Greenbrier helping families in needHere at Greenbrier Academy we firmly believe that volunteering and serving others is a positive experience that can help us to heal and become happier, more fulfilled individuals. Throughout the holiday season our girls tried their hand at volunteer work, purchasing and bagging food for local families in need. With the help of staff members who donated nonperishable goods, the girls were able to feed 150 families in the community! We are so proud of our girls for their generous volunteer work this holiday season and are looking forward to continuing this tradition of volunteerism in the future. Volunteering is a great way to help others, but its benefits reach much further, helping each of us to become more confident and healthy.

Get Connected

One of the many positive benefits of serving others is the way it helps us to get more connected, to each other and the community as a whole. Volunteering with a group can strengthen your relationships, giving you a chance to build positive relationships with others who share your same interests. As you work with and meet more people, you will also improve your social skills and learn how to converse with many different types of people.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Greenbrier volunteering Another healing aspect of service is the boost in self-confidence you experience. Helping your community and the individuals within it will provide you with a feeling of accomplishment that few other things can. Not only will you feel accomplished with what you have just done, but you will be able to envision yourself continuing to serve, creating a positive future for yourself and those around you.  With the boost in self-confidence that serving others provides, you will have the strength and sense of purpose that accompanies a positive outlook and an ability to set positive goals for your future.

Fight Depression

We all know that happy feeling that comes from helping someone out and regular volunteer work is a great way to keep those positive emotions flowing. Serving others also provides us a great opportunity to get out into the community, preventing social isolation – one of the leading causes of depression. Working with a group of people who have the same goals as you is a great form of social support, and what better group is there to join than one of volunteers? Working as a volunteer allows you to de-stress, taking your mind off your problems and worries while you focus on supporting and helping those less fortunate than you.

Greenbrier volunteering Teens and Volunteering

According to sociologist Jane Allyn Piliavin, volunteering has other positive effects on teens specifically, leading to a more positive attitude towards education and a boost in grades, as well as a decline in drug use and dropout rates. With all these benefits, it is difficult to come up with a reason not to volunteer. While we all know that finding time to do so can be tough, the benefits you reap from serving others reach much further than the knowledge that you made someone’s day a little bit brighter.

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