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Why Greenbrier Academy Puts Family First

When families are dealing with troubled teens, many families assume that their teen is the driving source of family issues.  As teenage girls grow and develop, they face physical and mental changes that affect how they act and who they become. Life starts changing as they age into their teenage years which often results in… Read more »

The Importance of Positive Peer Support

Positive peer support comes in all different, shapes, sizes and forms. It can come directly from a person or a group of people, through the Internet, via social media networks, in school, on sports fields and so many other places. As most would agree, even the smallest form of positive peer support can be life… Read more »

Playing a Positive, Active Role in Your Teen’s Life

As tweens begin their teenage years and grow up to become young adults, it’s important that parents play an active role in their lives. As a parent, you’re probably thinking your teenager wants absolutely nothing to do with you and your spouse, but whether that’s apparent or not, research shows that it’s important to stay… Read more »

Why It’s So Important for Teens to Get Involved in Sports

  While the fun of winning is definitely an added bonus, we here at Greenbrier Academy for Girls believe that, for those in their teenage years particularly, getting involved in an athletic extracurricular activity can have a myriad of benefits, both physically and mentally. Simply put, sports keep players on their toes. They keep them… Read more »

Announcing a New Headmaster!

Dr. Mark Dennison Kicks off a New Chapter at Greenbrier Academy! We are so excited that Dr. Mark Dennison has been appointed the new Headmaster of Greenbrier Academy. His credentials are astonishing, having earned a PhD in both Counseling and Clinical Psychology. Additionally, he has the wealth of experience in school leadership and administration in… Read more »

The House That Built Me

Below is an essay written by a Greenbrier graduate for one of her college classes. She briefly tells her story about how her perspective changed and how the relationships at Greenbrier affected her and continue to influence her. It is the deepest compliment to the great work we do when a graduate can look back… Read more »

Maddie’s Story

A note from Greenbrier Academy: While leaving home to attend Greenbrier Academy for Girls can be a bit scary at first, our girls often come to find that after months at Greenbrier, they have a wonderful second home and a huge “extended family” of supportive and caring friends. Many students come back to visit or… Read more »

Greenbrier Academy: On Choice and Change

Sometimes we learn that negative things in our past can provide new lessons or meanings for who we are today. Such realizations help us understand who we are. The self is built from others, feelings, body, actions, behaviors, attitudes, spirit, history, ancestors, roles we play (i.e. daughter, student, teacher, etc.), society, thoughts, beliefs, and other… Read more »

More from Mike

Greenbrier Academy: Wisdom Gathered and Developed by Mike Beswick, Part II Here are some quick words that have lasting impact: When we see the world through each other’s eyes, we can no longer be enemies. Personality is what you display when you are being watched; character is what you reveal when you believe no one… Read more »