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Relationships with Others and Your Identity

  The phrase “You are not alone” rings true at Greenbrier Academy. Many people are on a path to self discovery and feel that it is something that they have to do on their own, that soul searching is something that has to be done on their own time. This simply isn’t true! You have… Read more »

Maddie’s Story

A note from Greenbrier Academy: While leaving home to attend Greenbrier Academy for Girls can be a bit scary at first, our girls often come to find that after months at Greenbrier, they have a wonderful second home and a huge “extended family” of supportive and caring friends. Many students come back to visit or… Read more »

Greenbrier Academy: On Choice and Change

Sometimes we learn that negative things in our past can provide new lessons or meanings for who we are today. Such realizations help us understand who we are. The self is built from others, feelings, body, actions, behaviors, attitudes, spirit, history, ancestors, roles we play (i.e. daughter, student, teacher, etc.), society, thoughts, beliefs, and other… Read more »

More from Mike

Greenbrier Academy: Wisdom Gathered and Developed by Mike Beswick, Part II Here are some quick words that have lasting impact: When we see the world through each other’s eyes, we can no longer be enemies. Personality is what you display when you are being watched; character is what you reveal when you believe no one… Read more »

Wisdom Gathered and Developed by Mike Beswick

Interventions and relations at Greenbrier are guided by the model’s philosophy of relationality. The following concepts represent core elements of the therapeutic process.  I probably incorporate all of these statements into my conversations on at least a weekly basis.  Review these statements and see how many you in your life and with your interactions with… Read more »

Alumni Jackie Receives Falconry License

Congratulations to Jackie who just passed her Falconry License last week! We asked Jackie some questions to find out about how falconry has impacted her life: GBA: So did know that you had a passion for falconry before attending Greenbrier Academy for Girls? Jackie: I had never even heard of falconry before Greenbrier Academy for… Read more »

Alumni Student Applies Relationality in France

Bonjour! I cannot believe it has been a month since I graduated from GBA! The weeks have flown, and it seems that so much has happened. I have learned more in the last few weeks than I could have imagined. When things seemed so idealistic at school, it was easy to imagine life at home… Read more »

Celebrating in July!

Featured Student Blogger: Ariel We’re feeling patriotic at Greenbrier Academy as we celebrated America’s Independence Day throughout the weekend. On Sunday, we enjoyed the Great Fireworks Display off the bridge in Alderson. This was a fun setting as we got to spend time socializing and interacting in the community. And though we are in a… Read more »

Another Chance at Education, Relationships, and Growth

After I graduated from wilderness, I found out I was being sent to Greenbrier Academy for Girls. Initially, I was not too pleased that I’d be attending a therapeutic boarding school, since I thought that ten weeks in a wilderness program should have been more than enough work to let me return home. However, after… Read more »

E.W.’s GBA Essay

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a place full of stories. These are the stories the girls came here with and the stories they are writing now. However different these stories may be, every girl’s story relates her to her peers. I smiled all the time. I was captain of my rugby team. I was in… Read more »