The Five Aspirational Modules of Our New Curriculum

This week was an exciting week at Greenbrier Academy. As we are moving forward with our new curriculum, we’ve initiated a new process and ceremony to add to the sacredness of our aspirational work. Several of our girls have completed their first 10 weeks on our new aspirational system and have either successfully completed their curriculum or have been given the opportunity to explore it more.

Our current aspirational model allows the girls to journey through five different Aspirational Modules.

The Aspirational Modules are Gratitude and Respect, Courtesy and Compassion, Empathy and Forgiveness, Humilty and Honor, and Trust. Our new system allows the girls to earn a charm that represents their work and completion of each aspiration.

Gratitude and Respect

Gratitude and Respect, as the first aspiration, creates the foundation for healthy relationships.  Graduating this aspiration is represented by the LOVE charm. To establish the foundation for relationships, it is important to recognize that the intent of all the aspirations we journey through must come from the basis and mother of all virtues. LOVE.  Love is truly the most powerful force of life. It is powerful enough to ignite our emotions, guide us in a positive light and provide meaning to our lives.

Courtesy and Compassion

The second aspiration is Courtesy and Compassion and follows a well-built foundation of the first aspiration of Gratitude and Respect. With Courtesy and Compassion starts the extension beyond self and allows you to give more fully to relationships with others. Courtesy and Compassion is represented by a Thank You letter charm. The “thank you” represents acts of courtesy and the gratitude. The letter represents the growth of these acts in “messages” of compassion to others in our lives, and our self.

Empathy and Forgiveness

Empathy and Forgiveness is the third aspiration and represents how the closer relationships get to trust, the more they deepen and grow. Empathy and Forgiveness allows us to understand relationships while holding other’s mistakes, flaws, and pain and also celebrating each other’s joy and successes. When showing empathy, we have the ability to put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel what they feel and allow forgiveness to let us let go of how another’s struggle has hurt us in our journey. Empathy and Forgiveness is represented by the Shoe charm which symbolizes the progress in truly understanding others and knowing what to do with it for our own self-care.

Humility and Honor

The fourth aspiration is Humility and Honor. With this aspiration we are able to stand in our truth in relationships. We are able to claim who we are with both our strengths and our weaknesses. We are able to know when we need support, love and guidance from others in our lives. The birthstone charm represents honoring and embracing our true selves. When you are able to do this, you know how to honor your relationships, new beliefs, and values in life.


The last aspiration is Trust. With trust comes having people rely and have faith in your integrity, strengths, and character. To be trustworthy is to be worthy of people’s confidence. A silver back plate with “Trust” engraved on it is used to celebrate the completion of Trust. Trust is the consequence of all other aspirations and what we ultimately want in relationships.

Once a student has graduated all aspirations, they have the opportunity to revisit an aspiration they have already completed. Though the aspirations are a huge focus, there were additional special charms presented to other girls who demonstrated virtue in the certain areas.

The charms presented were for drumming, equine, dog program, cat program, academics, residential, clinical, and village.

To learn more about Greenbrier Academy and our new curriculum, contact us by phone at 877-788-842.