The Importance of Developing Strong Relationships in Therapy


Let’s take a moment to talk about relationships. The quality of our relationships to our environment, others, and ourselves tells us so much about our emotional health and well-being. Developing positive, quality relationships allows us to live out our identity with flourishing confidence in who it is that we are. Daily positive connections with all interrelated relationships allow us to become a constructive asset to our communities, instilling within us a feeling of pride, accomplishment, and happiness.

For these and many other monumental reasons, we at Greenbrier Academy put so much emphasis on “Aspirations” as a key element within our therapeutic process. It is our goal through Aspirations to strengthen the relationships each girl has with her surrounding GBA community, within herself, and ultimately, with the world.

One such way we focus on strengthening these relationships is through relationship-strengthening activities, which are effective because of the following:

They improve communication – These exercises are only successful if there is an open and effective line of communication between its participants. Those participating quickly learn how important it is to clearly communicate their needs and ideas to reach the common goal.

 They create a feeling of identity – Each and every person has a role within the relationship-building activities we employ. Without cooperation from everyone, the ultimate goal will not be reached. Assuming a position within the operation allows a participant to understand their roll within their community. Those involved often readily anticipate becoming a positive asset to the team, creating a very efficient working environment.

They increase confidence – When the final goal is reached, it’s a wonderful bonding experience. Beyond that, however, participant’s confidence skyrockets. This is because each participant recognized their position, effectively communicated their needs and ideas to others, and reached the common goal by utilizing their abilities.

There are so many wonderful, constructive benefits to participating in activities which strengthen the relationships of all involved. While it may seem like a fun, simple activity, the benefits from an effective session reach far beyond that.