The Power of Art Therapy for the Teenage Girl

7624672_SHave you ever heard of a place called The Barnes Foundation? It is one of the premier educational art and horticultural institutions in the entire country. Located in a suburb of Philadelphia, The Barnes Foundation has laid the groundwork for other horticultural and educational art institutes to follow in all parts of the country. Featuring a varied plant collection and seasonal bloom calendar and a growing database of artwork, including post-impressionist paintings, African sculpture, Pennsylvania German furniture, and much, much more, there is something for everyone at The Barnes Foundation. The Foundation believes in art as therapy and at Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we can get behind that.

No better do we see this mission statement in action than with the case of four teenage girls that had their lives changed by a visit to The Barnes Foundation. These were not four ordinary girls, however, as pointed out in this article in Philly.

Michael Vitez writes, “Four teenage girls – all of whom have been raped or abused, overdosed on pills or cut themselves, or lived in foster care or detention homes – came to some place Friday none had ever been. The Barnes Foundation.”

The teens have experienced a rough go at life thus far and it always breaks our hearts to see such cases; they don’t mean to act out the way they do. What really helped the girls out was art therapy at the Village, a residential facility in Rosemont, PA. Art therapy helped them control emotions and redirect their passion and pain in a positive direction. The four girls were so successful in their art therapy classes that they were rewarded with a visit to The Barnes Foundation.

That’s the power of art; it’s capable of reaching into the inner workings of anyone and helps to get them working again. There’s no greater force that change a teenage girl. We understand that at Greenbrier Academy, which is why we spend a lot of time developing our arts programs, because if you have fully developed arts programs, you will have fully developed students.