The Therapeutic Beauty of the Arts

Artistic outlets provide us with ways to release inner inspiration and explore ourselves through an unspoken language of creativity. At Greenbrier Academy, we utilize all that the Arts have to offer our girls. Creating art through its various medias is a fun, recreational activity that boosts self-confidence, campus morale, enhances problem-solving skills and is truly therapeutic.

Among our most popular classes at Greenbrier is definitely our Studio Art class. We are pleased to have a number of trained artists on our staff who guide the girls on a creative journey through various medias. The medias we offer are extensive, including popular choices such as acrylics, watercolors, ceramics and papier-mâché.

To give their personal art pieces even more meaning to the artist, occasionally our student artists can enter and display their favorite creations in local competitions and art shows. It was wonderful to see our girls recently place first in many categories at the art show, taking place in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

For its therapeutic aspects, we highly value the art forms we offer to our students. We have recognized that our students often outwardly express through art what they are struggling to overcome internally. It is amazing how symbolic and healing it can be to portray your inner-struggles through artistic expression. Greenbrier Academy also often has therapists review this art. Working together with the students, they are able to acquire new insights and often take those insights and overcome restraining obstacles to success.

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