What Students Can Gain from Real World Learning

Understandably, academic curriculum has changed throughout the years. Classrooms are still used as primary learning environments, but the real world is following closely in its tracks. Using the world around us to teach our students allows them to be immersed in the lessons being taught, with hands-on experiences and tangible items they can actually reach out and touch. Students gain better cooperation and critical thinking skills, and with a setting outside the four walls of a classroom, students are able to open their minds up to so much more.


Sitting in a classroom reading from a textbook is one thing, but going out and putting the information being taught to use is a whole other story. Students can gain a great wealth of knowledge and experience from this alternative method of learning, and here’s why:


Learning outside of a classroom motivates students to want to learn. Taking students to the local library or outside for a science lesson can have a huge impact on the way students use their minds. There’s only so much focus a teenager can have when you stand in front of them and recite facts to them. When you take them outside and show them what you are talking about and encourage conversations, you give them a fighting chance of walking away from the experience having actually retained some of that information.

Think Outside of the Box

Using elements from the real world can cause students to think more outside of the box. It gets their creative juices flowing, helping them come up with solutions that might not have been thought of in the classroom. Not to mention, critical thinking skills can strengthen significantly. So many people prefer learning by doing. They may not even know they don’t truly understand something until they see it action and questions arise organically.

Community Involvement

It’s always a treat when a field trip is planned! With field trips in the real world, students can interact with one another and put their communication skills to the test in settings that are new and exciting to them. It also allows the teachers to be more creative with their lesson plans.

The real world has so much to offer and at Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we make sure our students see its full potential.