Greenbrier Academy For Girls

We Help You Get Your Daughter’s Life Back on Track

A Program That Engages Your Daughter Academically While She Heals Therapeutically

Greenbrier is an accredited academic and therapeutic boarding high school and licensed non-acute treatment center serving young women ages 14-18. Clinically, our job is to remove and resolve non-acute anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, adoption/attachment, and body dysphoria dis-orders.

Because we specialize as a school and work with young women who’re experiencing non-acute conditions, we are able to offer outstanding academics. Greenbrier is a place where old beliefs are shed and students learn to reclaim their lives.

Our students are prepared to successfully continue their journey when it’s time to go home because we’ve given them countless contexts to practice healthier patterns on campus.

We know how emotional and overwhelming this process can be. Your love for your child and commitment to her future may conflict with feelings of guilt and fear at the thought of asking for outside support.

If you’re thinking things like..

“Will she never forgive me if I send her away?”
“She’s doing better this week, maybe we can just forget what happened and keep her home…”
“No program will care for my daughter the way that we do.”
“I’m her parent. She needs me to make everything okay for her, otherwise I’ll lose her.”

You’re not alone!

Countless families have walked through our doors with similar challenges and doubts. You don’t have to be the perfect parent to deserve outside help! Thousands of families are on a similar emotional roller coaster with their own teenagers.

We’re here to work in partnership with you to protect and preserve her future. 

If You’re Asking Yourself These Questions:

  • What part of your daughter’s life are you most concerned about?
  • What part of her future seems to be most at risk?
  • What needs to be preserved and protected?
  • Is it physical, emotional, social, academic, or a combination?

Then Greenbrier Might Be Able To Help

Remember, you don’t have to be the perfect parent to deserve a helping hand.
Give us a call today.

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