Dr. Mark Dennison Kicks off a New Chapter at Greenbrier Academy!

We are so excited that Dr. Mark Dennison has been appointed the new Headmaster of Greenbrier Academy. His credentials are astonishing, having earned a PhD in both Counseling and Clinical Psychology. Additionally, he has the wealth of experience in school leadership and administration in both public and private schools that give him both the breadth and depth of knowledge to continue to meet the needs of Greenbrier.

For those well acquainted with Greenbrier, Dr. Dennison is a familiar face. Over the past year he has been deeply involved in both the therapeutic department as a therapist and later in the academic department as Academic Director. His tenure as Academic Director has been met with praise from both Greenbrier families and faculty alike. Under his direction the academic department has expanded to encompass college credit courses, offer a wider variety of classes, a more rigorous curriculum and the school has received higher scores on achievement tests. This year, graduating seniors from Greenbrier Academy have gone on to be accepted to a variety of colleges and universities including: Emory, Brown, University of St. Louis, Creighton, New York University and various others. One student was accepted to every single school she applied to and offered academic scholarships to nearly every one, including a $20,000 Dean’s Scholarship! The results speak for themselves. Dr. Dennison has done a phenomenal job as Academic Director and is a natural fit as Headmaster.

In his new position he will continue to oversee the academic department as well as work with the various departmental heads and oversee the day-to-day operations of the school.

Congratulations, Dr. Dennison. We are honored to have you heading our team!