Featured Student Blogger: Ariel

We’re feeling patriotic at Greenbrier Academy as we celebrated America’s Independence Day throughout the weekend.

On Sunday, we enjoyed the Great Fireworks Display off the bridge in Alderson. This was a fun setting as we got to spend time socializing and interacting in the community. And though we are in a therapeutic setting working on our issues, we love getting to feel like an everyday student just hanging out in the local area. Alderson is a small sort of town, so we really feel like we fit after going to some local events and getting to know others. Our community at Greenbrier Academy is really tight, and that’s how the town of Alderson is too since it’s a small community. We get to know people and feel like we fit right in.

On Monday, we went to the Best Show Around — a parade complete with music and dance — put on by the Alderson Fire Department. We sat on the grass and watched the floats go by. My favorite float was the big blue rhino. Other girls enjoyed the pageant floats, such as Miss Sparkler, and the marching band. We loved jumping around and gathering candy as it was thrown from the floats. We enjoyed talking to people around us and running into people we know. It was such a relaxed and enjoyable day.

That night I stayed home, but many of the girls went out for treats at the concession stands and to see the Grand Fireworks show at the end of the night.

These kinds of events are important to us as Greenbrier Academy students. Many of us have been at wilderness prior to attending school at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. Involving us in the community helps ease us back into real-life situations. Our mentor Amber said that these events were important for us because we really get to be a part of the local community and see the dedication and involvement of small towns coming together to celebrate the 4th.