Therapeutic Boarding Schools

“Your daughter is precious. Reconnect with her at Greenbrier Academy”

A child is the most precious gift you’ll ever receive in life. When bad decisions, emotional traumas or acting out fractures the relationship you have with them, it may seem difficult to retain hope that your family will someday be mended, healed and whole again. We are here to tell you that with love, great patience, and our therapeutic process, which has proven so powerful and effective for so many families, you will be able to reconnect with your daughter as she rediscovers the beauty and light within her.
For many parents, the journey with us at Greenbrier is an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and see their parenting in a new light, as well. As each girl and situation is unique, we approach each with a renewed perspective and develop for her an individualized plan to ensure progress. Each plan, devised by your daughter’s counselor and academic advisor, is based on your daughters needs as well as the needs of your family, and the plan is rooted in the proven model of relationality. It is important to understand that your daughter’s plan has been developed specifically for her to pave the most effective path toward ultimately reconnecting with her unique mission in life, with the Source and her ability and desire to lead a life of honor. Through this process she will bring her freed, enhanced self back to you and your family.
It’s easy to avoid the confrontation of troubling times in life. But it is the first step in a journey of reconnecting in a healthy and supportive way. Patience is indeed a virtue, and your patience, love and support will be the powerful fuel your daughter needs as she takes the difficult U-turn on life’s highway toward the ultimate destination she was meant to arrive at: a virtuous and successful future.