The phrase “You are not alone” rings true at Greenbrier Academy. Many people are on a path to self discovery and feel that it is something that they have to do on their own, that soul searching is something that has to be done on their own time. This simply isn’t true! You have interacted with people every single day of your life, and your relationships with them have molded who you are as a person.


These are the people you grew up with and had the most influence over your development as a young child. Even if a person felt that there was not a healthy relationship growing up, there are always chances to change this and amend the relationship, or possibly change the meaning of the relationship. This will then change how it affects you.


There are always going to be people your age around you and they, just like your family, will have a lot of influence on you. Especially in high school, it is important to feel like you have the acceptance of your peers, and the relationship with them can change how someone feels about themselves. In the workplace, having a positive relationship with your coworkers can make a difference in the atmosphere of your workplace, and how you ultimately feel about being there.

Romantic Partners

Especially when it comes to being in a relationship, it shouldn’t be a one way street. While you shouldn’t let being in a romantic relationship be the thing that defines you, it can definitely change someone’s behavior. It is important that the relationships we involve ourselves in are positive.

We are influenced by those that are around us, whether intentionally or not. It is important to know how to cultivate encouraging relationships and how to improve the relationships that we are currently in. Greenbrier Academy does just that- we give girls the skills needed in order to improve the quality of life through creating, enhancing, and sustaining healthy relationships with herself and other people.