drummingThere is a lot of controversy surrounding single-sex education. However, the benefits of receiving an education amongst peers of your own gender are well documented. Leonard Sax, a leader in the promotion of single-sex education, has consistently enforced the idea that teachers can be more effective when working with a single gender as there are fundamental differences in the ways boys and girls interpret data.

Co-ed schools are mirrors for gender roles in our larger society. Rather than enforcing gender roles, as is often a critique of single-sex schooling, all girls’ schools allow young women the freedom to define themselves outside of a gender construct. Girls do not need to prove themselves in the stereotypically male-dominated math and sciences, because they compete against themselves.

Causality of gender stereotypes and gender constructs are difficult to determine. Are we programmed by nature or by nurture? Most researchers and teachers agree that it’s a bit of both. In either event, teachers and mentors are more likely to support growth in an environment where they can tailor their methods to the needs of a single gender.

During adolescence, a focus on self – academically and socially – is essential. Social growth will happen at either a co-ed or a single-sex school, but it’s been proven, time and again, that young women are less susceptible to distraction from self-growth in a single-sex environment. That is what we foster at Greenbrier.

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