The Value of the Arts

10428364_751367184914003_9017143437932853683_oArt in schools has arguably been one of the most reported stories in recent years. When it comes to budget cuts, the art, music, and theatre programs are usually the first to the chopping block. Some see the arts as extracurricular and fail to identify the everlasting value it has on young minds.

Art allows for a creative outlet, to let children and adults alike explore their imagination and express themselves in a medium out of the “traditional” curriculum. At the Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we value the importance of artistic expression for our students as a route to grow, heal, and overcome obstacles.

10272728_751367134914008_2741755725430676507_oIn this article, Michael Grove of The Guardian writes, “Art has always played a vital role in interpreting and understanding people’s lives and expressing how they feel about it. Marginalized youngsters who pick up guitars instead of joining gangs or trashing high streets have already taken one positive step. If they use their music in an attempt to explain the world they live in, they’ve taken another.”

Beyond directing attention away from poor life decisions, the arts can have many other therapeutic qualities in children including igniting social interaction, positive outcomes with group work, and increased awareness in body, heart, and mind.

Greenbrier Academy for Girls offers traditional African drumming, ceramics workshops, and a digital arts program. To find out more about our arts programs please follow the link.

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