When thinking of Memorial Day, what typically comes to mind is backyard barbeques and fireworks celebrations. The arts are not usually associated with the festive weekend. However, for Princeton, West Virginia, this is not the case.

A weeklong celebration of visual arts, pottery, poetry, music, community circles, dance and more has swept the town and at last came to a close with a parade down Mercer Street this past Memorial Day. The All Together Arts Week Festival featured many troupes, including our own Greenbrier Academy Girls African Drumming Performance Group. The girls were chosen to be the parade’s Grand Marshals and led the counterculture celebration down the street.

At Greenbrier Academy for Girls in Pence Springs, we value the importance of both the arts and social interaction. Traditional African drumming has become an integral part of our arts program, with opportunities to play out in the community for those who show a special interest in music. The Performance Group has played at many events both locally and regionally including the opening session for the West Virginia State Legislature and Carnegie Hall’s Culturefest. Music and the art have proven to be not just a fun activity for students but also a way to support a well-rounded education. The success of this Memorial Day drumming demonstrates the need for and importance of clubs.

School is about much more than attending class and studying. It’s about enhancing and helping the community, creating supportive relationships with friends, and growing into the person you want to be. This can be achieved through coursework, of course. Learning takes a great dedication to mater the subject at hand, even when it isn’t your particular cup of tea. However, a large part of coming of age includes participating in extracurricular activities. From poetry to running, these clubs help women to mature by allowing them the opportunity to explore outside of the classroom. Clubs allow students to express themselves in a way that speaks to them on a deeper level.
Greenbrier Academy for Girls offers various clubs to encourage our students to pursue their passions. These clubs strive to foster creativity and drive the dedication and passion for hobbies to turn careers. The accomplishments that can come from these clubs include both local and national presentation of acquired skills. Extracurricular are a great way to stand out from the crowd. While they may not seem as vital in today’s world as English or Math courses, they provide their own set of skills to heighten student’s personal character.  Student groups enhance educational experience as well as provide lifelong skills of independence, determination, and passion.

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