4446963_STo really understand teenage girls, you have to talk with them, crack open their brains a little bit and see what makes them tick, what their dreams are, what their hopes for the future are. That is an important part in rehabilitating anyone; in other words, it’s crucial to see the world through THEIR eyes.

At Greenbrier Academy for Girls, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and excellent atmosphere where troubled girls from all walks of life can learn to be comfortable with who they are as people and to learn the skills necessary for them to enter the world as young women. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones interested in understanding the complex personalities of young girls; NPR is as well.

Starting this fall, NPR will be looking at the lives of 15-year-old girls, trying to map out their inner and outer lives like an astronomer mapping out constellations. We are as complicated and beautiful as the brightest stars in the sky and it is worth putting in the work to see what makes us tick, why we act the way we do, etc. Teenage girls are no less complex than the stars above and NPR is determined to pull back the curtains and see the challenges they face, what rules they choose to break, their thoughts on family & relationships, and more.

NPR isn’t doing this alone; they’ll be collaborating with Girl Up, a U.N. Foundation group that fights for the rights of more than 500 million adolescent girls living in the developing world. NPR will be interviewing the leaders of the group and shedding some light on Girl Up’s important mission all while educating the public on what it means to be a teenage girl nowadays. In other words, the interviews will help determine girls think about school, healthcare, work, etc. By knowing the thoughts and feelings of young girls, we are better suited to help them improve their lives and get them through troubled times.

Gloria Samen, of Girl Up, sums it up best: “I grew up watching generations of silent women, women were expected to stay home. We’re able to change the lives of girls we would never meet. This women’s network is an unbreakable bond. I think it’s so cool.”

It’s so cool starting a conversation with the young girls in our lives; it’s the only to make real breakthroughs on things. At Greenbrier Academy, we support the efforts of Girl Up in trying to locate the beating heart of the contemporary teenage girl. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but with enough work, we can all figure out what makes that heart pump. It is one of our many missions at Greenbrier Academy.