DSC_0011In previous blog posts, we have discussed the power that music has on the wellbeing of teenage girls. There’s just something about music that stirs the soul and helps to repair any wounds that might be percolating in the mind. Our music program is one of the best in the nation and we use it to our advantage by giving our students an outlet for their creativity. Letting your creativity flow, through either music or art, is the first step toward recovery; it is a fast ticket to an already burgeoning adulthood.

Many of our students have opened up because of music. It has helped their confidence blossom. One such musical tool we have utilized is the therapeutic drumming circle, which is quickly gaining traction as one of the best therapeutic tools for teenagers. Just look at what’s happening in Ohio, where a collaborative effort is taking place between the Delaware County Juvenile Court, Maryhaven, and the Central Ohio Symphony, as reported by Court News Ohio.

The program was the brainchild of the Central Ohio Symphony’s executive director and lead percussionist Warren Hyer who pitched the idea to the juvenile court system. They ran with it. According to Hyer, “It’s interesting to see the young people change. It’s sometimes slow, sometimes it’s fast. There’s lots of little successes and we gain a lot of pleasure in those very, very small successes.”

One such young person, a 17-year-old by the name of Josh, has had his life turn around due to the therapeutic effects of music. He said, “A lot of people think drum circle you just play drums, but drums are just part of it. It’s mainly expressing feelings to the group and sometimes you can do that using drums as a medium of doing so or you could just talk.”

See? That’s the power of music, able to change the entire trajectory of a young person’s life. We approve and applaud the efforts of Hyer and the Central Ohio Symphony. At Greenbrier Academy, we feel the same way about the therapeutic power of music and will continue have programs where young girls can let their voice really shine, whether in a drum circle or on the stage.