Greenbrier Academy VolunteeringLast week a group of nine Greenbrier girls, two therapists and one teacher headed off on a week-long trip to Nicaragua, where they have been performing community service, including painting a local church, and enjoying their free time with Nicaraguan children who are out of school for the summer.

During their trip, the girls have been teaching kids drumming, spreading their love of this healing activity while forming new relationships and learning about other cultures. One of the first visitors to join the girls’ drumming group was Angel, the grandson of a woman who has started a restaurant with the help of Chosen Children Ministries. A natural drummer, he even helped to lead the group with some ideas for rhythms. Before long, the church was full of children and parents, and buckets and drumsticks were flying! All of the girls rose to the challenge of the situation, helping to teach the children rhythms throughout the chaotic fun.

This experience has shown us once again what a special role drumming plays here at Greenbrier Academy. A favorite activity that many of our girls participate in, traditional African drumming offers them an opportunity to relax and connect with others – both at school and across the globe in Nicaragua! Drumming is a wonderful way to release stress, and has been shown to alleviate self-centeredness, isolation and more.

Greenbrier Academy Nicaragua TripWe are so proud of our girls and the positive experience that they are enjoying while volunteering in Nicaragua, and we look forward to hearing about and sharing more of their stories in the upcoming weeks!

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