While the fun of winning is definitely an added bonus, we here at Greenbrier Academy for Girls believe that, for those in their teenage years particularly, getting involved in an athletic extracurricular activity can have a myriad of benefits, both physically and mentally.

Simply put, sports keep players on their toes. They keep them sharp, focused and dedicated to something that can have a significantly positive impact on their lives now and long into the future.

How so? Here are just a few examples:

Make Friends More Easily

Making friends with other teenagers can be quite the challenge. Their bodies are going through many changes physically and they’re feeling so many different emotions that, at times, they may not even know which end is up. No matter which sport your daughter prefers to play, just remember that she’s automatically immersing her life with others who share the same interests, whether that be the love for basketball, soccer, or volleyball. This makes the friend-making process nearly effortless. It also forces her to learn (quickly) how to work well with others and to learn the importance of teamwork. After all, there’s no “I” in “team”.

Boost Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Teens who play a sport are more than likely to have a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. All it takes is a little positivity from the coach and the rest of the team to have a positive effect on your daughter as a whole. With praises such as, “good work” or “nice job today”, your daughter’s self-confidence and self-esteem can improve each practice and game.  What’s even more, no one can deny that the simple feeling of being a part of something can have a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves.

Encourage Players to Step Outside of Their Comfort Zone

Playing a sport takes everyone outside of their comfort zone at first – everyone begins somewhere. When a teen tries one new thing and gets such a positive experience out of it, it can potentially encourage them to try something else that’s new, whether that be a different sport or even a new hobby. Take Olympian Rebecca Romero for instance. She decided to switch over to cycling after winning a silver medal in rowing at the Athens Olympics in 2004. She’s one of many inspirational athletes who followed her passion for sports, but took it outside of the box and tried something new.

Whether your daughter plays one sport or five, all that matters is that she enjoys the sport she plays and has a positive and supportive fan base to cheer her on. At Greenbrier Academy, our girls are always encouraged to take part in our Adventure, Sports and Riding program. To learn more about this and everything else that we have to offer, visit our website or call 877-788-8422 today.