Parent’s Corner: Family Healing Begins With You

“What is my part in this?” This is an important question that every individual can ask themselves whenever there is a problem, a disconnect, or a situation that is in need of change. Often, as parents, it is difficult to look at our part in the problem, especially when our teenager is suddenly acting out or having trouble in school or with relationships.

According to a study conducted by The National Health Information Center and Child Trends, 32 percent of 15-year-olds say that they have difficulty talking to their moms. 42 percent of male teens and 53 percent of female teens have trouble talking to their dads.

What Can Parents Do To Improve Communication With Teens?

When parents offer unconditional, nonjudgemental support to their teens, it paves the way for close relationships, excellent communication and positive behaviors. Most teens report having a desire for better communication with their parents but don’t know where or how to start. The biggest fears and challenges are:

– Being judged
– Punishment
– Not knowing how to start a conversation on a sensitive topic

So, what can parents do?

Step One: Take a proactive approach: When parents begin to look at themselves as part of the solution to the home environment and move away from the mindset that the child (or teen) is the main person in need of change, it helps create an environment conducive to healing and finding solutions together.

Step Two: Support is important: As your teen is finding her way toward adulthood, she may begin to view past events, traumas or relationships with a new or different mindset. Depending on the event or situation, outside help is sometimes the best, most healthy choice. When your daughter attends Greenbrier Academy, therapeutic boarding school, there is an entire staff of professionals dedicated to her mental health, healing and academics. We are also here for you, the family, making sure that your daughter is set up for her best possible future.

Addressing Family Dynamics and Mental Health at Greenbrier

Strong Relationality is the main therapeutic process used at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. This therapeutic system explores how the past relational perceptions of your teen has affected her present and future relationships. Throughout your daughter’s time here, we help her discover what those past perceptions are and change them so she can embrace and develop more healthy relationships.

Many of the girls at our therapeutic boarding school express the desire for family dynamics to change at home. At Greenbrier, we know just how important this is. Your family’s dynamics can greatly affect your daughter’s behavior and the choices she makes after she leaves the school. Because of this, we offer three intensive workshops that involve the entire family. These workshops help:

  • – Improve your ability to communicate together
  • – Develop strategies for family healing
  • – Explore negative patterns that may have continued for generations
  • – Bring your family closer together

These workshops are emotional, motivating and sometimes difficult. However, they are essential to changing your family’s dynamics so you can all continue to heal and grow after your daughter’s graduation. Throughout the workshops, you may discover that your own childhood has affected your parenting, which has, in turn, affected the mental health and well-being of your daughter. Our trained therapists will assist you in seeing your behavior and its consequences through your daughter’s eyes so you can begin to make real changes for the better.

In addition to family workshops, your daughter’s therapist will also work with you and your teen on communication through weekly phone calls or Skype calls. After graduation, our therapeutic boarding school will continue to provide the care your family and your daughter needs so everyone transitions back into regular home life easily and happily.

While it may be easy to see your daughter’s negative behavior, your behavior, choices and patterns may play a big role in her mental health and well-being. Greenbrier addresses not only your daughter’s needs but also helps with family dynamics as well to help ensure healing and success.

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