5 Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

While a traditional boarding school is often an ideal solution for students who need to be challenged academically or need structure to keep them on track, Greenbrier Academy’s therapeutic boarding school provides additional benefits.

Greenbrier Academy for Girls is a residential facility created to provide help for troubled teens. Like traditional boarding schools, we provide housing and academics, but the housing is home-like and features a solid relational foundation that includes teachers, staff and therapists that spend time with students, develop relationships with them and socially interact with them.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Student Profile

If your daughter has battled depression, PTSD, ADD, eating disorders, strained relationships, experienced bullying at school, or has dealt with behavioral issues, maybe it’s time to consider placing her in a healing environment.

At Greenbrier, we have licensed therapists and counselors who can provide your daughter the help she needs to deal with these issues and discover the root causes. Our therapeutic process involves relationality, which means that we help your daughter determine what past relational issues have caused her current negative behavior or emotional issues. We can then help her change that perception so she can begin developing more positive, healthy relationships with herself and others.


At Greenbrier, we strive to provide students with not only the knowledge they need to succeed but also to create wise students who will actively use that knowledge. Like a traditional boarding school, our academic curriculum is designed to help your daughter not only overcome poor school performance in the past and earn deficient credits but gain the knowledge necessary to set goals and succeed in higher education. The small class sizes make it possible for students to get more one-on-one time with teachers, which can help greatly in their academic success.

Multiple Therapeutic Options

Greenbrier, like many therapeutic boarding schools, offers personalized one-on-one therapy and group therapy. We don’t stop there, though. Other therapeutic options are available as well, like family workshops, equine therapy and addiction recovery. Your daughter’s therapist will even work with you, once a week, through a phone or Skype call, to help you better understand what your daughter is learning and assist you in developing a healthier relationship with her.

Peer-Driven Community

One of the biggest benefits of Greenbrier is its peer-driven support community known as Aspirations. Aspirations involves certain attributes or virtues the girls work on throughout their time at the school. In order to more on from one Aspiration to the next, they must demonstrate to a council of their peers and the staff that they have met the criteria of the attribute they have been assigned.

Continued Care

When a student graduates from a traditional boarding school, they’re often left feeling like they’re on their own. They don’t have a support system making sure they are doing well at their new job or first day of college. There’s no one making sure the reunion with their family was a success. A therapeutic boarding school is different. When students leave Greenbrier, they don’t do so without a plan they, along with their therapist, have helped create. The transition from boarding school to home, work or college is easier because this plan is specifically designed for your daughter to succeed.

Thinking about boarding school for your daughter? A therapeutic boarding school like Greenbrier is an excellent option for girls struggling with emotional or behavioral issues that have made it difficult for them to do their best at home or at school.

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