10 Factors That Great Therapeutic Boarding Schools Have in Common


Therapeutic boarding schools, like Greenbrier, are built to provide students with a safe, secure environment where they can access mental health from top professionals who know how to help them overcome issues like depression, ADHD, anxiety and PTSD. The mark of a great therapeutic boarding school goes so much deeper than this, however If you’re looking for a therapeutic boarding school for your daughter, make sure you choose one with the following factors:

#1- Robust Culture

The best therapeutic boarding schools have a robust and distinctive culture rooted in a specific mission. Students are taught values and how to implement in the real world- and in daily life.

#2- Top Professionals

Teachers at top boarding schools do it all. They love to teach, they coach the softball team and they advise students. They don’t clock out at three o’clock and call it a day. They aren’t there for employment. Taking care of your daughter’s needs is their vocation, their career and their purpose.

#3- Financial Aid

All of the greatest boarding schools understand that every student comes from a different background. Because of this, they’re willing to help parents with the cost of school through financial assistance. At Greenbrier Academy, admissions consultants will help parents find and apply for student loans that can help pay for this type of private education. Parents can then make low monthly payments while their daughter goes through school.

#4- Attract the Right Students

Not every teen needs to attend a therapeutic boarding school; some may have more success with their mental health needs and education in other environments. The top therapeutic boarding schools know this and work to attract the right type of student to their school. This helps ensure they can help the students through specifically-designed programs and therapeutic approaches.

#5- Develop Student Leaders

The influence of your daughter’s peers impacts her decisions and character during adolescence, so developing student leaders is essential for a boarding school. These leaders work under the guidance of staff members to provide other students with a good example.

#6- Activities Outside the Classroom

The best boarding schools know that developing a teen’s mind, body and spirit requires more than time in the classroom. That’s why most offer outside activities like church, sports, clubs and community service projects that help students bond with one another and learn their true passions.

#7- Excellent Facilities

While walls don’t make the school, they sure do help. Great boarding schools make sure that the facilities, including dorms, classrooms and other buildings, are properly built, renovated and maintained so that they can help facilitate learning, collaboration, community and health.

#8- Experiential Learning Opportunities

At the best boarding schools, students don’t just learn how to quote information from a book, they learn what that information means through real-life learning. This helps make the information real for them, increasing their confidence and knowledge.

#9- Belief in Student Ability

When your daughter attends a therapeutic boarding school, make sure you choose one that believes in her and her ability to succeed in every area of her life. Great schools have confidence in their students and an unwavering belief that they can help students improve academically, overcome mental health issues holding them back and learn how to add real value to their daily life.

#10- What’s Best

The best therapeutic boarding schools know that what’s best for your daughter is ultimately what’s best for the school, your family and, ultimately, the world.

Looking for the right therapeutic boarding school for your daughter? Greenbrier checks off every single one of these factors and then some. Schedule a campus tour with staff and students today to learn more.

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