The Importance of Recreation in Addiction Recovery


A therapeutic boarding school, like Greenbrier Academy, offer help for teens struggling with depression, behavioral problems, academic issues and even addiction recovery. Many teen girls who come to Greenbrier struggle with intimate relationships. They may have used drugs and alcohol as a way of controlling relationships and situations to ease these troubles.

If your daughter is struggling with addiction, our multi-layer relational approach will help her with several therapeutic exercises that help her really look at what she wants from life and determine how the substances she has abused are helping or hindering the progress toward those goals.

In addition to regular therapy with a trained therapist, discussion, seminars and lectures, we also offer and encourage students to participate in the many activities offered on campus. Depending on the time of year, activities like snowboarding, boating, rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking and hiking are offered. We also have plenty of student clubs they can participate in and traditional sports programs.

Why do we believe these recreational activities are such an important part of addiction recovery? According to the National Institutes of Health, exercise and recreational activities act as non-drug reinforcers and can actually offer several neurological benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

Recreation Helps Alleviate Boredom

After spending so much time thinking, finding and doing drugs, your teen may find that the absence creates a sense of boredom. Clubs, team sports and other outdoor activities help fill this time and help your teen focus on other things besides their habit.

Recreation Helps Encourage Improved Physical Health

Addiction is an all-consuming problem, and many addicts ignore other aspects of their life while they go through the struggle, including their health. In addition to a provided balanced diet at our boarding school, fun adventurous activities and sports help encourage better health habits.

Recreation Helps Encourage the Development of New Interests

If your daughter spent all her time thinking about and consuming alcohol or drugs, she may have pushed aside more than her health. Her interests may have fallen by the wayside as well. At Greenbrier’s therapeutic boarding school, she has the opportunity to explore her old interests through clubs and team activities, as well as develop new interests she may not have realized she would enjoy.

Recreation Helps Encourage the Development of Relationships

There’s no ‘I’ in team, and this means your daughter will need to develop and maintain positive relationships with others in order to be a successful part of a team sport or a campus club. This lets her practice the skills she’s learning in individual and group therapy.

Recreation is Fun

Addiction has taken over her life, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing she thinks about anymore. Your daughter is a teenager, and she deserves to have a bit of fun- as long as that fun is healthy and beneficial to her. Participating on the basketball team or going rock climbing with newfound friends helps her enjoy her childhood the way she should have all along.

Are you concerned about your daughter’s addiction? Greenbrier offers help for teens going through addiction recovery with both relational-based therapy and recreational activities.

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