How Does Art Promote Mental Health?

By Greenbrier Academy / July 26, 2017

Among the many activities on our boarding school campus, the arts are perhaps the favorites of our students. We offer several different types of classes, including drawing, painting, digital arts and ceramics. These courses, while enjoyable, are more than just fun. In fact, they can be extremely therapeutic for your daughter.

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Are You Daughter’s Friends the Problem?

By Greenbrier Academy / July 24, 2017

  Adolescence is a time of change. Your daughter is testing her boundaries, learning what she can and cannot do, and finding out exactly who she is. However, she may not be doing this alone. As she grows older, she may seek out different friends than those she had when she was younger, and those…

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Determining the Right Therapy for Your Child’s Needs

By Greenbrier Academy / July 18, 2017

If your daughter is currently dealing with family conflict, rebellion, addiction, depression or anxiety, therapy may help her overcome these symptoms. Choosing the right type of therapy is vital for real and lasting progress. Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools (or schools for troubled teens), Greenbrier Academy’s focus is helping your daughter create quality relationships with staff,…

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Has Your Daughter Become Distant? How to Start Healthy Conversations

By Greenbrier Academy / July 12, 2017

  Teenagers are known for being distant. As they go through adolescence, they struggle with hormones, growing up and figuring out who they are and where they belong in the world. They might push you away, but, according to Psychology Today, they actually still need you as a role model and need the boundaries you…

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Just Acting Up or A Cry For Help? 5 Signs to Look For

By Greenbrier Academy / July 10, 2017

  Parents of troubled teens often brush off their daughter’s actions and say, “She’s just spreading her wings.” When teenagers reach adolescence, it is true that they go through a rebellious phase where they try to figure out who they are, where they fit in in the world and what their life will be like.…

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OTC Medicine Abuse: What it Looks Like and How you Can Prevent it

By Greenbrier Academy / July 8, 2017

  When most parents think of drug use, their first thoughts go to illegal drugs for teens like marijuana, cocaine or methamphetamine. Some parents may hide their prescriptions narcotics to prevent their troubled teens from abusing them. The sad truth is, your teen could be abusing OTC medicines to get high. Unlike illegal drugs, which…

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Yoga and Your Teen: Balancing Mind and Body to Fight Depression

By Greenbrier Academy / July 4, 2017

  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 3 millions teens between the ages of 12 and 17 have a major depressive episode at least once. While there are several different methods used today to treat depression, like journaling, individual therapy, group therapy and medication, yoga has been found to be very beneficial…

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