Determining the Right Therapy for Your Child’s Needs

If your daughter is currently dealing with family conflict, rebellion, addiction, depression or anxiety, therapy may help her overcome these symptoms. Choosing the right type of therapy is vital for real and lasting progress.

Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools (or schools for troubled teens), Greenbrier Academy’s focus is helping your daughter create quality relationships with staff, family, peers and herself. Our therapy focuses on the concept of Strong Relationality, which means that the symptoms your daughter experiences (bad behavior, depression, addiction, etc) are the result of how she has perceived her past, present and future relationships with herself and others.

Through a variety of therapy options, we give your daughter a chance to change her relational perceptions and develop healthy, quality relationships with others that will change her behaviors and emotions.

Therapy Options for Troubled Teens

There are a number of therapy options available for your teen that can help her better understand the perceptions she has of past, present and future relationships and eliminate symptoms like depression and anxiety.

Wilderness Programs

Many of the girls that attend Greenbrier Academy often attend a wilderness program prior to coming to our school. Most of these programs last for six to 12 weeks and provide teens with a secluded outdoor place in which to clear their head. The different location, as well as the new challenges your daughter faces, can help your teen begin to evaluate her life from a new perspective.


“I must be invisible, because I said the exact same thing, and you ignored it.” This is a common phrase among parents of teens who find out friends and peers often have a greater influence over their children than they do. At our boarding school for troubled teens, we embrace this fact through a therapeutic culture called Aspirations. Aspirations involves a council of peers that help each girl progress through the Five Aspirations of Relationship system.

With the supervision and help of staff members, your daughter will work on meeting the specific attributes or virtues related to the five Aspirations, which are Trust, Humility and Honor, Courtesy and Compassion, Respect and Gratitude and Empathy and Forgiveness. Her peers will encourage her and determine whether she has met the requirements of each Aspiration before she can move on to the next.

One-on-One Therapy

Like any therapeutic boarding school, Greenbrier Academy offers traditional one-on-one therapy. A trained and certified therapist will meet frequently, usually once a week, with your daughter to discuss her past, present and future relational perceptions so she can overcome symptoms like family conflict, rebellion and anxiety. The therapist may also schedule Skype calls or phone calls with you and your daughter to help you both improve your dialog and overcome issues.

In addition, your daughter’s therapist will assist your daughter with her Aspirations.

Equine Therapy

Horses are honest creatures that provide immediate feedback. When your daughter approaches a horse in our equine therapy program, the horse’s natural instincts will ‘read’ her emotions and behavior and quickly determine whether she is a friend or a foe. If the horse backs away, your daughter will be encouraged to figure out the issue from the perspective of a relationship and determine what she’s bringing to the table. Is she angry? Is she depressed? What changes can she make to change the horse’s reaction?

This instant feedback helps improve her self-evaluation skills and make her more proactive in deciding how she approaches other relationships in her life.

Greenbrier’s school for troubled teens offers several other types of therapy as well, including addiction therapy, group therapy, family programs, the Village, community service and art therapy. Each part of our therapeutic process is aimed at providing your daughter with the skills necessary to develop health, quality relationships.

The best part about our therapeutic options is you don’t have to choose one or another. Most of the therapies mentioned here, with the exception of wilderness programs, are offered to your daughter when she attends Greenbrier Academy.

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