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5 Signs Your Teen’s Therapist Isn’t Working for Her

By Greenbrier Academy / November 29, 2017

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child. When you see them hurting, rebelling or suffering from past trauma, your first steps may be to get them help through a professional therapist near your home. In some cases, being able to talk things out with someone new can help. The therapist may…

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Essential Nutrition: 5 Foods That Help Reduce Anxiety

By Greenbrier Academy / November 29, 2017

The right foods can be restorative and healing, and the wrong ones- anything but. This isn’t just an opinion, it’s proven. An article published by Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School tells us that the brain is like an expensive car. In order for it to run correctly, it needs a constant supply of…

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Is Your Daughter an Introvert? 4 Ways Greenbrier Works for Her

By Greenbrier Academy / November 25, 2017

Are you worried your daughter is an introvert? There’s actually nothing to worry about at all. Introversion is a type of personality trait that focuses on internal feelings and emotion, rather than outside stimuli. Introverts tend to be quiet and reserved. While they don’t mind spending time with other people, going to parties and having…

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Boarding school for girls

Fast Track to Healing: Therapeutic Boarding School in Only Four Months

By Greenbrier Academy / November 20, 2017

In most cases, students who attend our boarding school for girls stay for at least a year or even longer. However, this may not be the ideal situation for all students. Because of this, we’ve created a Semester Forward Program. This unique option lets girls take advantage of our powerful therapeutics without committing to a…

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Canine rescue programs

Emotional Support for Trauma Victims: The Benefits of Canine Rescue

By Greenbrier Academy / November 10, 2017

At Greenbrier Academy, we offer many different types of therapeutic programs that help our girls with various issues, including ADHD, depression, anxiety and trauma. Some programs, while intensely therapeutic, don’t appear to be immediately. Consider our canine rescue program, for instance. With this program, the girls rescue dogs from local shelters and rescue centers. The…

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How Our Boarding School Helps with the Emotional And Physical Trauma Caused by Bullying

By Greenbrier Academy / November 8, 2017

  Bullying: verb: unwanted and/or aggressive behavior that involves a power imbalance which may be real or perceived Bullying is a problem that has become more and more frequent in the past few decades. It often occurs between children and teens, inside or outside of school. It can even happen on the internet; this is…

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Therapeutic boarding school

4 Benefits of Limiting Internet Usage at our Therapeutic Boarding School

By Greenbrier Academy / November 4, 2017

Reducing Internet Usage at Our Therapeutic Boarding School Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Proverbs 22:6 It’s easy to let kids spend all of their time on the internet, browsing social media, snapchatting with friends and complete strangers. The not-so-easy…

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Teaching Internal Nurture: Our Body and Mind Program

By Greenbrier Academy / November 2, 2017

At Greenbrier Academy, our all-girls therapeutic school, we use a Strong Relationality approach in all of our teachings, including our mind and body class. During this class, we help the girls create an attitude of nurturing toward themselves that encourages the healing of both their body and mind. We also encourage their self-healing through breathing,…

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