Teaching Internal Nurture: Our Body and Mind Program

At Greenbrier Academy, our all-girls therapeutic school, we use a Strong Relationality approach in all of our teachings, including our mind and body class. During this class, we help the girls create an attitude of nurturing toward themselves that encourages the healing of both their body and mind.

We also encourage their self-healing through breathing, mindful movement and exercise. These steps help re-regulate hormonal, physical and mental imbalances in their bodies.

At the same time, we encourage healing outside of themselves. As they help and support their peers in class, they begin to develop new and healthy practices. This can lead to improved healing of relationships outside of themselves- their relationships with others.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the many benefits of this program.

Body and Mind Program at Our Girls Boarding School

The body is an endless stream of molecules, neurons and hormones. Establishing a dialogue that is healthy and healing between these and our thoughts helps create an improved balance. In addition, we tend to be more likely to listen to what our body has to say when this balance is at its healthiest. To get the girls at our therapeutic boarding school to this point, we focus on several different things, including:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Engaging in Daily Exercise
  3. Healthy Diets
  4. Restful Sleep

Quieting the Mind

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool we use during our body and mind program at our all-girls therapeutic school because it helps restore the balance between the body and mind. During meditation, we help the girls get to a restful state, where their mind is quiet. As the mind rests, it begins to heal, letting go of old patterns while also decreasing anxiety, addictive behaviors, depression and insomnia, according to studies.

Daily Exercise

While most people associate exercise with the healing of the body (which it also does,) exercise also helps heal the mind. Regular exercise each week improves the brain’s ability to adapt and learn. It can also heal the effects of depression and stress. The girls partake in several different types of exercises, including walking, yoga, running and kickboxing. Our goal is to help them find the exercises they enjoy so they continue to do them after they return home.

Healthy Diets

With an in-house chef, the girls here don’t have to worry about whether what they are eating is good for them. We make meals important as well. Food isn’t just something we stop our lives for a few times a day; it’s fuel and it’s restorative. We focus on eating foods that will keep us going and also food with anti-anxiety and anti-depression qualities.

Restful Sleep

Our mind and body program continues even when all of the girls aren’t in the same room. During this program, we encourage girls to get a restful night sleep. We help them understand that restful sleep cannot occur with the TV on electronics near the bed. Getting the highest quality of sleep helps encourage naturally restful sleep night after night. This means they fall asleep easily once the light goes off and seldom wake during the night. In the morning, they are awake and energetic.

The mind and body program at our all-girls therapeutic school works to help our girls restore their relationship with themselves and with others. It also helps reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD while also changing addictive behaviors. Find out more about our program today.

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