How Our Boarding School Helps with the Emotional And Physical Trauma Caused by Bullying


Bullying: verb: unwanted and/or aggressive behavior that involves a power imbalance which may be real or perceived

Bullying is a problem that has become more and more frequent in the past few decades. It often occurs between children and teens, inside or outside of school. It can even happen on the internet; this is called cyber bullying. Bullying involves aggressive, repetitive behavior, and there are many different types, including:

  • Verbal bullying, which includes name-calling, threats, taunting or teasing in spoken word or written form
  • Social bullying, which involves ruining the reputation of a person or destroying their relationship by spreading rumors, embarrassing them or leaving them out of a social situation
  • Physical bullying involves physical touch and can include spitting, hitting, tripping, pushing, kicking or even breaking someone else’s things.

It’s important for parents to realize that bullying can leave emotional scars. Bullying causes long-term psychological trauma for girls that is just as severe as the trauma of sexual or physical abuse according to a 2016 study by the University of Illinois. The study also found that this trauma can follow girls all the way into college and adulthood.

As bullying becomes easier to do, it’s important that proper treatment is available treat the post-traumatic stress, symptoms of depression and anxiety that occur because of the bullying experience.

Greenbrier can help. Our WV all-girls school is the right therapeutic option for girls suffering from bullying tactics.

Greenbrier: Changing the Perception

Troubled teens who experience depression, anxiety and even PTSD as a result of childhood bullying often come to Greenbrier Academy for Girls for help. Our therapeutic boarding school uses Strong Relationality to help girls in need. Strong Relationality involves finding those moments in a girl’s life when her past negative perceptions have resulted in psychological distress in the present.

Working with trained therapists and counselors, the girls study their perception of this interpersonal trauma and learn how to change that perception from negative to positive. While the concept of Strong Relationality doesn’t work overnight, it does work, and it can help reduce or even eliminate the psychological symptoms the girls who were victimized by bullying may have felt before.

Positive Peer Environment

In addition to using Strong Relationality, our WV all-girls school also features a positive peer-focused environment. Girls between the ages of 13 and 18 live, learn and discover together what their passions and pursuits in life might be. Because of this, they develop close relationships with one another. These positive interactions help with the healing process and help girls understand that the aftermath of their bullying experience doesn’t have to be a sad one or one that follows them into college and beyond.

Has your daughter been the victim of bullying? If she’s showing signs of trauma, anxiety or depression, don’t wait to get help. Our therapeutic boarding school for girls is here to help you and your daughter.

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