Fast Track to Healing: Therapeutic Boarding School in Only Four Months

In most cases, students who attend our boarding school for girls stay for at least a year or even longer. However, this may not be the ideal situation for all students. Because of this, we’ve created a Semester Forward Program. This unique option lets girls take advantage of our powerful therapeutics without committing to a long-term solution that might not work for their family.

What is The Semester Forward Program?

Semester Forward is an intense program that lets girls attend our West Virginia boarding school for girls for a short block of time. During this time, the student will work on improving grades while participating in different therapeutic options to help her garner the same experience in just four months as any other student would gain in a year. As a result, she has the opportunity to earn a one-semester credit that will count toward the credits she needs for high school graduation.

Like any other student, Semester-Forward participants are able to participate in drumming, animal programs, service outings, and adventures. These students also have the opportunity for individualized tutoring.

The Village

In addition to therapeutic sessions at our boarding school for girls, Semester-Forward students attend four weeks of The Village during their stay. The Village retreat helps cultivate real change in ways that other experiences at the academy can’t. Students are divided into small groups and have the opportunity to dig into, and answer, some of their deepest life-questions.

Throughout their time at The Village, students participate in therapeutic exercises, including drumming, and spend time learning about other cultures.

Is The Semester-Forward Program Right for Your Daughter?

While a short four-month therapeutic option may seem like the right fit for your daughter, that doesn’t mean it will be. This program works best when a girl has already participated in therapeutic treatment, such as a wilderness program or another long-term program.

The girls who attend this program must also be ready for its intensity. It takes extra effort and dedication to get through the amount of therapy and learning available through this fast-track program. In most cases, the girls attending the Semester-Forward program have been struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anxiety from bullying
  • Body image issues
  • PTSD symptoms
  • Anxiety regarding academics

These are the girls who need just a little more help and are willing to work for it.

What is Integration Coaching?

Students who attend our boarding school for the Semester Forward program will often need help transitioning back into a successful life, both academically and personally. They might also have difficulty using what they have learned when they get back home. For these reasons, we’ve developed Integration Coaching. Each student in our Semester-Forward program is automatically eligible for up to three months of this coaching so they don’t have to feel alone when they return home. Their families also receive the support they need during this time as well.

Does your daughter need a bit more help academically or therapeutically after a wilderness program or other therapeutic program? Consider our four-month Semester Forward program.

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