Is Your Daughter an Introvert? 4 Ways Greenbrier Works for Her

Are you worried your daughter is an introvert? There’s actually nothing to worry about at all. Introversion is a type of personality trait that focuses on internal feelings and emotion, rather than outside stimuli. Introverts tend to be quiet and reserved. While they don’t mind spending time with other people, going to parties and having fun, they also need time alone to ‘recharge.’ Many individuals with introvert tendencies feel drained after being around people for prolonged periods. They’d much rather spend a night at home reading a good book or with a small group of friends.

The Benefits of Being an Introvert

Being an introvert doesn’t mean your daughter doesn’t have a fullfilling life. In fact, there are several benefits to being an introvert. Introverts tend to:

  • choose their words wisely when speaking to others
  • have a big imagination
  • be very creative
  • choose independent jobs, like being a writer, graphic designer or artist

Introverts also tend to quietly observe the world around them, especially in social situations. They pick up on social cues quickly and learn by watching.

How Greenbrier Works for Introverts

If your daughter is thinking of attending our therapeutic girls’ school and is an introvert, Greenbrier offers a number of different activities and opportunities for her to thrive.

  • Small Classroom Sizes- Small classroom sizes help prevent over-stimulation in introverts. This helps them open up more and embrace the information they are given more comfortably. As a result, they are much more likely to succeed in their academic studies.
  • Equine Therapy Program- The equine therapy program at our West Virginia boarding school for girls, along with the cat and dog rescue programs, work well for introverts. Working with an animal who listens and shows love is often easier for an introvert than talking to another person. It gives them an opportunity to work toward resolving issues, including depression, anxiety and low self-esteem, in an environment that isn’t over-stimulating.
  • Clubs and Sports- While our therapeutic girls’ school offers a number of team sports, we also have individual sports, adventures and clubs that are perfect for introverts. These include rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking and golf. Clubs, often created by the students themselves, may appeal to introvert girls as well. There are several different options often available, including clubs on yoga, books, art, poetry, gardening and music.
  • Time to Decompress- During the week, students have classes, drumming, horsemanship, clubs and sports. On the weekend, however, they are given time to decompress. For introverts, this might mean sitting against a tree and finishing a good book, but it can also mean going into town to see a movie or play, working on a service project or going into the woods for a hike.

Keep in mind that while introverts do like to be alone, they don’t always prefer to be left out of social situations. They enjoy making friends, and while they are quiet, their brains are always active. At our West Virginia boarding school for girls, we take steps to provide every girl with a fun, interesting and healing environment to learn and thrive.

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